1978 peugeot still fucked

not really. took apart the carb, took out the air filter, all are clean and awesome. the long pin on the float was bent, but i straightened it.

however, while me and my friend's dad were werking on it, the 27 year old cables crumbled to dust in our hands. so. regular bike cables don't work as don't motorcycle cables, the aluminum heads on them are too big to fit in the throttle of the moped.

i'm just wondering, does anyone know where i can get some cables that would fit?

thanks. lots of thanks to everyones help w/ my last post.


Re: 1978 peugeot still fucked

Hey Matt!

I'm in Back Bay 3 blocks from Cheers!

We should get together and ride sometime... I know a few other cool dudes around here and we swarm Boston and Harvard Sq. all the time!


Re: 1978 peugeot still fucked

John Joedicke /

Dremel the cable ends to suit.

Re: 1978 peugeot still fucked

nice. we should meet up at picco. its on tremont. my friend meghan works there. you should say hi.

Re: 1978 peugeot still fucked

that's an excellent idea. i found this guy who might be able to help me near cape cod. i'm going tomorrow. if that doesn't work i'll dremel.

Re: 1978 peugeot still fucked

Is the dude on Cape Cod Justin?? The music dude? or Jim on the south shore?

Re: 1978 peugeot still fucked

It's not an Angel model is it? (hope not)

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