'77 honda express carb?

While taking apart the carb, I found a little rubber round part at the bottom of the bowl. does that part belong there? If yes where and how to attach it. I thought that it should stay at the very bottom, but I don't understand why it would need to be there...

Thank you.

Re: '77 honda express carb?

hi there,

I just took apart my carb too and I found a very small round rubber ring on the main jet extending down from the carb into the bowl. I just pushed it onto the main jet, it should fit into a small groove.

hope this helps.

SAY, did you take your main jet out from the carb? I'm having a hard time figuring out if the main jet comes completely out. i have a lot of corrosion there so it's hard to determine brass from disfigurement.

Re: '77 honda express carb?

Apparently the jet can come out, but it is super hard. i soaked mine in carb cleaner and used pressurized air to blow whatever was in there out. Try this link for more info, also this forum is pretty good, they know a lot about the Express, especially TheMopedWhiz.


Good Luck,


Re: '77 honda express carb?

Thank you gays for the responses,

I am unable to take the main jet out... but slow jet (the short thing with the holes on the sides) is getting out ok, and o-ring is in place. In my question I was talking about a flat round ~5mm in diameter rubber thing at the very bottom of the bowl. It is loose there, and I think it should be attached to something...


BTW, I have ordered a set of gaskets for the carb from e-bay in case you are interested:


Re: '77 honda express carb?

do you know where I can find a carb rebuild kit? I think I need to replace my main/slow jet... didn't find it on EBAY.

Re: '77 honda express carb?

The same people had the following kit:


It does list a main/slow jet in it. You can e-mail the seller, and ask them about it...

I would like to remove the main jet, and clean it, but I am afraid to bent/break something. The carb shows signs deterioration itself too.

Re: '77 honda express carb?

Hey send me an e-mail so we can talk more.


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