Alternator power

Just a question. Is an alternator on a moped/scooter strong enough to recharge a dead battery, or how far/long would i have to run to recharge a new/dead 12v battery. Thanks- Craig

Re: Alternator power

Actually, most cycle charging systems are not powerful enough to charge a truly dead battery. These systems have enough power to maintain the charge, and run the lights & ignition - but can be severely taxed trying to charge a dead battery.

This is why jump-starting a motorcycle is a no-no. Bike starts, battery is still dead, alternator burns up trying to charge the battery.

New batteries should be filled and left to sit until the terminal potential hits a peak, usually a couple of hours. They should then be charged at a low rate (1/2A - 1A) for 12 hours, occasionally being jostled to let the gas bubbles escape. After this, they can be put into regular service.

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