Potential Carb Problem

Hi Everyone,

When I received my new Tomos Revival TS, it would consistently stall at stops, when idling, etc. The seller told me to clean the carburetor, which I did. Now when I start the moped, it sounds and acts like it's at full throttle - very loud, the back tire moving fairly fast. I think it could be due to a piece that was left after I was done reassembling the carb (oops). I'm not quite sure where it goes.

The piece is a small gold cylinder, about 1/2 inch long, and 1/4 inch wide. Any idea where this goes and if this is what could be causing the problem?

thanks much,


Re: Potential Carb Problem

Was the seller an authorized Tomos dealer?

Is the moped under warranty?

Re: Potential Carb Problem

As far as I know it's an authorized dealer. I still need to send in my warranty card - just bought it a couple weeks ago.

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