Piaggio problems

I have had my Ciao for about 4 days now, and the first 1 or 2 days it ran perfect. Now when i come to a stop it dies unless i keep giving it gas. if it does die it cant start unless i let it sit for about 3 minutes. this is getting incredibly annoying and its taking the fun out of this good ped.

Re: Piaggio problems

Leon Swarmer /

Did you change and gap the plug? is your fuel mix right? its the air vent in your gas cap working?


Re: Piaggio problems

thanks it may be the plug. i shall check tomorrow. ive used the fuel mix before worked fine, and i know the vent is working because ive taken the gas line to the carb off and the gas flowed at a solid rate. it looks like an older plug. ill prob buy a new one. is there a certain size plug for a moped?

Re: Piaggio problems

For my Ciao I used NGK B5HS and B6HS, both worked fine depending on how hot you want your spark. Though I trust NGK more, you can also use Champion L86C.

Check your idle screw and your throttle slide too.

Re: Piaggio problems

should i tighten or loosen the idle screw?

thanks for all this help

Re: Piaggio problems

Bruce Wilkinson /

Turn it in to increase the idle.

Re: Piaggio problems

do a search on "Idle jet" and another on "brake light bulb"

the results you find will fix your problem

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