'76 Peugeot losing power? Help!


I am wondering if anyone can help me with a suggestion or two.

I bought a 1976 Peugeot 103, and it has just started to lose power when I drive it for longer distances/times. That means that after a couple of miles or 15 minutes or so, it begin to backfire a bit and loses power altogether. It shuts down, too. I hav to pedal home or keep it running at VERY low RPM along the way.

Anyway, if anyone knows what the problem is, or can recommend a mechanic that might be able to help, that'd be much appreciated!

I think it may be a timing issue, but I'm not sure, and I don't have the equipment to fix that even if I were correct.

You can get me at dreammail22@yahoo.com, or I guess just post a reply here.

Thanks so much!


Re: '76 Peugeot losing power? Help!

Hey Dream...

I'm not sure what's wrong with the ped ... I just wanted to tell you you have an awesome name ! :D

But seriously... sounds like you may have some rust kicking around in your tank or carb bowl that gets sucked in when you stir it up by riding for a bit...

Try checking to be sure the vent in your gas cap is clear... loosen the cap and let it sit loose while you ride to see if there is some sort of vacuum being created by rust inside the cap clogging the vent..

Hope this helps... it's prolly something simple... keep us posted!

Re: '76 Peugeot losing power? Help!

also install an in line fuel filter. a larger clear mesh one is best. And peugot motors do not really like hot weather. the smaller fins on the motors do not cool too well. but it should run good for all day without cutting out.

Also it may be somthing in your ignightion or your topend is mauled. many of the peugot motors i have encounterd all have the exaust port and in extreme cases the whole piston and cylnder scored.

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