Engine Problem?Help

Scott Neaves /

Hey, i was riding my 99 ttlx today, and when i came to a stop the bike shut off and it took me a few kicks to get back on an running, then when i was riding it the bike would stop and go a little then stop and shift back and forth, what could be causing this??

Re: Engine Problem?Help

a fuel restriction of some sort would do it .. only a tiny trickle of gasoline is getting into the carb, so it dies and then takes time to refill and start..

tank's running out of fuel (fuel level is at the top of the "Main" fuel supply .. try switching to "Reserve").

couple other things.. a clogged filter or screen .. maybe polluted fuel.. AND a spark plug that's dying could do it, as could a faulty, corroded or loose ignition-related wire connection.

If this happened all of a sudden for no good reason, go through the entire fuel system, top to bottom.. clear the vent in the gas cap. Clean the carb. Check the obvious stuff first. like gas level in the tank.

Re: Engine Problem?Help

Scott Neaves /


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