Minarelli won't idle

Ok, had the bike (pepi sport) running for long enough to go on an hour ride... Then it crapped out. Now it does that thing where I can get it to run but it won't idle slow enough to disengage the clutch. I examined the clutch and it's not siezed, moves freely by hand.

When I try to start the bike on the stand after it has sat it starts up easily and will idle (but too fast to disengage clutch) and if I rev the motor I get lots of white smoke, but the smoke goes away when the motor warms up. After a while of trying to start it and the motor warms up it becomes difficult to start, and when left to idle it craps out shortly after.

It's got a dellorto carb and I've cleaned it properly a few times, float seems fine, needle might be fine. There is only one adjustment (idle speed) and when I adjust for slower idle it craps out. The plug is relatively new. Bike does the same thing with the exhaust off. There is the proper fluid (sae30nd) at the proper level. I have also tried another carb from a same model bike on it and it still wouldn't work.

Anybody? Anything? Before I throw the bike off a cliff?

Re: Minarelli won't idle

Mine wouldn't run unless the choke was left on. I am in the process of rebuilding the engine and replacing the crankshaft oil seals.

I have always wondered about the lack of an idle circuit in the Dellorto carb.

Do you mean that with the bike on the centerstand the centrifugal clutch is engaged making the rear wheel go around? Make sure that the throttle cable has a little slack in it when the twistgrip is fully closed.

Re: Minarelli won't idle

The bike's on centerstand and rear wheel moves agressively, but if you try to stop the rear wheel with your foot or by tilting it to the ground the motor stops.

I don't think it's the throttle cable because if I lower the idle via the adjust screw, it eventually bogs out and dies.

PS - it's not the choke, I've tried.

Re: Minarelli won't idle

I ran into this problem theres a sticky spring under the cover, look at it make sure its not flat on the end if so order a new one from mopedjunkyard. Crank seals might be the way to go if it sat for a long time. Dont run it without a exhuast looking for trouble when you do that.

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