Puch maxi wont accelerate =(

ok so the bike was running up until about an hour ago. when it was running i was already having acceleration problems( full throttle killed the engine i had to build up rpms slow). well all of the sudden it just crapped out on me. now it wont go hardly above idle speed and if i try to give it gas it dies.

on a side note i am using a homemade external gast tank( 2 litre cola bottle, inside of a pen and some extra fuel line). I dont think this should be the problem.

Re: Puch maxi wont accelerate =(

See Ya Moped Army /

It could be the problem if the tank is not properly vented.

Re: Puch maxi wont accelerate =(

without vening the fuel will not run into the carb. Besides, using a coke bottle is dumb. Use a Pepsi one, they are faster.

If you loosen the cap about 1/8 of a turn while riding it should be ok, or, ideally, put in a piece of pipe about 1/32 in diameter through the cap, epoxy it, and run a vent line and you should be ok.

Re: Puch maxi wont accelerate =(

that is what i am doing. I have a a pen tube in the cap of the bottle and i poked a hole at the "top" of the bottle (its actually the bottom but its turned upside down.

Re: Puch maxi wont accelerate =(

for future reference it turned out that the problem was one of the piston rings. it had cracked and about 1 inch of it is hanging out in the motor somewhere lol

anyone have any good methods of getting it out without cracking the engine open?

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