moped starts randomly

Have a 98 tomos. Havent gotten to ride it all summer because she's way too tempermental. I finally got it to run today, cleaned out the carb and replaced the jet, ran perfect, no 4 stroke or anything!. Turned it off for a minute and then went to start it... nothing. It did this a few weeks ago when I was messing with it. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? 1 in about 5 kicks will get it to sputter once or twice, but not bring it to life. I dont understand... it ran fine a few minutes ago. I even took the carb back off and drained it, nothing. Please help.


Re: moped starts randomly

Do you have gas, same thing happened to me. Is your choke working?

Re: moped starts randomly

Yeah, there's plenty of gas and the choke is fine, I think its just tempermental. Kinda sucks...

Re: moped starts randomly

what about your compression

Re: moped starts randomly

sounds like your float is sticking and your motor is getting flooded. clean the carb again, making sure the float is moving freely.

Re: moped starts randomly

It's flooding when you shut it off... Get a new float.

Go nuts.



When I read this thread I started to think about a moped that started randomly by itself when no one is around.

That would be freaky :)

Re: haha.

I thought it might be the float but this morning after I turned it off and couldnt get it to start I took the carb off and drained all the fuel out. It wouldn't start up after then but it would want to start, if that made sense.

The compression should be pretty good. I wouldnt think that would be it since it started up at 2 kicks first time this morning and drove perfectly, as in so perfectly I wondered if it was the same bike Id been fiddling with forever. I knew something had to go wrong... :-)

Re: haha.

Shut off the fuel valve, drain the float bowl. Take out the spark plug and crank the engine like mad with the throttle wide open (the fuel valve is still shut, right?)

Replace the sparkplug. Squirt some carb cleaner in the carb/air filter and give it a go. If it starts right up (and then it should quickly die as the carb cleaner has run through) then your electrics are all OK and the float valve is probably leaking when the bike is standing like the other posts say.

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