Kinetic turn signals

I'm trying to buy some turn signals from a guy who's parting out a kinetic. I have a Kinetic TFR from Cosmo and do I need to do anything special to get the signals to work? Obviously, you need the turn signals themselves but do you need any special internal electronic parts, switches or anything that doesn't come with the TFR standard?

Kinetic turn signals

You should not need anything else.

I bought the Kinetic and bought the turn signals separately (all from Cosmo).

All connectors and the flasher unit and switch were pre-installed on the bike.

Re: Kinetic turn signals

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Hey Cyberian, He didn't say what model Kinetic is being parted out but if it is a TFR he should be ok otherwise he should Check with Cosmo. Jim. .

Re: Kinetic turn signals

Pat Mycrotch /


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