**piston ring question**

So my old Puch Newport needs a new set of piston rings, and the local motorsports shop down the street wont give me anything unless I had a yamaha, which is a bunch of crap. I know the bore is 38mm, but what is the height? does that mean the height of the piston ring? I'm looking for a new set of piston rings for a 1977 puch newport, if anyone in central NY has access to some and could sell them to me that'd be so much better than me having to order them. Thanks a bunch.

Re: **piston ring question**

the height is the thickness of the ring

i have a 78 puch free spirit

and i used a 38mm bore 2 mm height FG ring

i had to order mine from themopedjunkyard

$5 per ring

$5 handing

$5 shipping

quite over priced for one ring

Re: **piston ring question**

Thanks for the information, and that was one ring? Sheesh, I need 2 for this Puch... We'll see. thanks again!

Re: **piston ring question**

John Joedicke /

So for 20 bucks, what is the problem?

Re: **piston ring question**

1977 mopeds in k zoo usually has them in stock, unless their out, and they are usually a little cheaper,

puchs came with either 1.5 or 2mm rings, the 1.5 usually came on the high compression piston,

bj at handy bikes usually has them as well

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