Fork Lock Cover Plate SACHS

I'm looking for a fork lock, cover plate for my 1978 SACHS.

It's a Boat shaped piece of metal which swings back and forth to cover the lock.

Questions: Did SACHS ever come with them or where they only on BMW motorcycles? Where can I get one along with the rivites? (HandyBikes got me a replacement Lock but no plates)

Re: Fork Lock Cover Plate SACHS

John Joedicke /

Can't you fabricate the plate, then rivit it on?

Re: Fork Lock Cover Plate SACHS

Yes I could but if I can find a Boat Shaped Cover Plate it would look much better then anything I could fabricate.

Besides what's the correct piece going to cost me? Under $10?

So make it or buy it. I vote for buy... Saves he headaches and cut fingers.

Re: Fork Lock Cover Plate SACHS

It sounds like you are talking about a Neimann fork lock, as found on BMW and Guzzi bikes, and a few others as well.

You should be able to buy a new cover and rivet from a BMW dealer.. good luck on price.

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