qt 50 spark is gone

I ran into a curb with my QT50. the curb hit the bottom of the bike and the engine immediately shut off.

When i started it later that day it ran like shit. It was really hard to start and it would only run if I didn't give it gas. it ran about 2 minutes and it shut off. now it doesn't start or run at all. It isn't getting any spark that is all that I can find is wrong. i cannot find any disconnected wiring/electrical connections.

What should I do? there is absolutely no spark.

I hit the curb pretty hard, but nothing ridiculous.

Please help.


Re: qt 50 spark is gone

maybe the jolt moved something .. wrong ignition timing could produce the symptoms you describe.. maybe the points hold-down screws were a bit loose and timing slipped.. maybe you now have a broken spark plug cable boot or something like that.. did the curb contact the spark plug itself? Did the engine case hit the curb? Did the flywheel get knocked around?

just gotta keep looking. The big clue is a no-spark condition so concentrate on ignition wiring and components.

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