help me

i finally got my moped going for the first time in years..turned out the main jet was clogged and nothing was getting i put the bike back together and it ran all day...i just went outside and rode it for a minute then put in on the stand and revved the engine..when i did this the engine made a strange sound and the back wheel stopped moving, and the bike stalled....when i put it on the stand and pedal it doesn't want to move, but when i use a lot of force it turns over and starts, but seems like there is some resistance and it also sounds like something is clunking around in the engine...could it be that i forgot to check the gear oil?? or something worse? i'm gonig to put new oil in it and see what happens


Re: help me

sorry guys..i feel like a jackass, i filled up the oil....and it runs like a top

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