How to replace jet

this might sound stupid but i was wondering what i should to or what steps i should do to swap out a tomos targa lx stock jet and replace it with a #60 jet

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Here is a Service Manual:

Do you know how to remove the carburetor?

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no at all

Re: How to replace jet

if you have a stock setup with no mods #60 jet is over jetting you should have a #53 jet you wil just foul out plugs & have a rough idle

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Once you get the carb off...(Run moped for a min with the petcock off too use up the fuel in the bowl),remove the right side plastic cover, loosen the bolt at the front of the carb, slide carb off, remove fuel line(hopefully with the petcock in the off position, then the pics show the rest.


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Re: How to replace jet

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Once you have the carb disconnected from the airbox slide it off the manifold and twist it around about half way and take the bowl off. remove jet and replace with the new on. Replace bowl. rotate carb back on then the boot to the airbox and the airbox itself. tighten all screws and clamps. No need to remove the oil line or the gas line to change jet. Cover back on. Away you go and do plug chops.

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well im putting a bullet pipe and a 70cc big bore kit on it thast y im using the 60# also i was told by ike to use this

Re: How to replace jet

look like your going to need a wheely bar. lol good luck

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