problems starting my jawa

my 1978 jawa babetta hasn't been run in many years..i just recently cleaned the carb, put in a new line and filter, and made sure i was getting spark. when i put it up on the stand and pedal it tries to start. turns over, and when i pull the throttle it boggs. i took the cover off of the carb and when i spray starting fluid in and pedal it starts for a second or two and stalls out, again when i have it going and i pull the throttle, it just boggs and stalls. any suggestions?

Re: problems starting my jawa

Sounds like the main jet is plugged. Even if you cleared it during the cleaning, it may have re-plugged with debris that you stirred up during the process.

Re: problems starting my jawa

thanks i'll take the carb apart in the morning and see where it gets me

Re: problems starting my jawa

it may also be some adjustments issues with the carb

good luck

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