Fun with the Vespa Grande

Hello happy helpers... I'm in a bad spot with my moped...

Earlier this summer... my grande was running well. I let it sit for possibly four or five days without running (in which time it rained a lot). My next time out, I couldn't start it up. I have good compression, and after trying to start it a few times, I can smell the gas.

I did the "spark check" and didn't get a spark... I then bought a new plug, and was still unable to get a spark out of it.

I put in a new plug and cable about one year ago... so they are both somewhat new.

I took the ped up to the local shop, but they no longer do repair on the old-school mopeds.

So... suggestions?

Points and condensers?


Remember though, that I am completely incompetent when it comes to repair... I know nothing about the inner workings. I've been told that replacing the points/condensers or cleaning the carb "isn't very hard" but I'd really need a step by step instruction... and I don't have a manual for the bike either... so... yah.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm about two seconds away from tossing it into the dumpster!

Re: Fun with the Vespa Grande

Bruce Wilkinson /

This sounds familiar, Did you post this problem 3 wweks ago ? Brake light bulb maybe burnt out. bruce

Re: Fun with the Vespa Grande

Along with the rear bulb, check your ignition circuit from the key switch(if it has one) to the handlebar "on/off" switch. Quite possibly, the moisture has contaminated an already rusty connection that is not making contact.

Also, I think there are two wires, a red and a black one, that connect to the top of the motor, one on each side. Check them for security. You can access them by removing the "hood".

Re: Fun with the Vespa Grande

Jason Luther /

my puch has that problem. if it sits for a couple days the humidity must corrode the kill switch and it wont 'turn on'. i bet the rain did that. try flicking it on and off a few times. then start taking it apart.

Fun with the Vespa Grande II

so... being that there is no spark, it almost certain that it has to be something electrical... as in the brake light or the wiring from the engine on switch... It couldn't be the points or muffler or anything of that sort then, correct?

Re: Fun with the Vespa Grande II

Leon Swarmer /

NOT the muffler. could be the points. with all the rain we've had in the last week, I'd say pull the cover off the flywheel cover and make sure they are dry and open and close properly. Still could be a wire that Used to go to your switch may be grounding. How do you shut it off?

Leon in topeka

Re: Fun with the Vespa oops

Leon Swarmer /

sorry, reading too fast. You do have a kill switch. check it completely. and if you are going to throw it in a dumpster let me know where first..hehehe


Re: Fun with the Vespa oops

isn't the brake light causing no spark issues only on the Ciao and not the Grande?

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