re gas in cylinder

is there suypposed to be gas soaking the cylider and piston

Re: re gas in cylinder

Leon Swarmer /

NOT soaking, evey time the piston comes up it should suck a fuel air mix into the cylinder, but the sparkplug should burn it every revolution. If you have something soaking, you have fuel leak somewhere. Float valve perhaps?


Re: re gas in cylinder

Are you seeing fuel or oil?

There should be a nice oil coating on just about everything under the piston's crown... all the bottom end and the lower portion of the piston and cylinder.

The spark plug, combustion chamber and piston's top should be just about dry ..

Re: re gas in cylinder

Is the bike runnong OK?

And just what do you mean by soaking?

Re: re gas in cylinder

The bike is not running at the moment not sure why. Replced piston rings and now it win't start. Soaked may be a little to drastic but covered in gas.

Re: re gas in cylinder

That's just the result of your trying (and failing) to start the bike. The gas keeps getting drawn in, but isn't getting burned.

Re: re gas in cylinder

you shure you put the piston rings in correct ? there is a top and a bottom of a ring. tried a new plug ? a shot of starting fluid. good luck DOUG

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