my puch cant stay on!

yea i got it to run but it took 10 minutes and it stayed on until i road around the block for 10 minutes then it just turned off... iv been having problems turning it on...and keeping it on... it s not impossible but it takes time.. can it be that i need a good gasket for my carburator/? i have some tape and stuff as a substitute .... im i not getting enough pressure in the bowl? or can it be a spark plug? IT TURNS ON AND SOUNDS GOOD.... ON THE STAND ... BUT WHEN I RIDE IT IT WILL TURN OFF AT ANYTIME AND DOSNT WANT TO STAY ON.... I DONT KNO WHAT IT IS... I CLEANED THE CARB AND CHECKED WHAT I CAN....SOMETHING WITH THE GAS FLOW? WHEN I FIRST BOUGHT THE THING IT HAD RUSH IN THE GAS TANK... I CLEAD WHAT I CAN AND IT STARTED NO PROBLEM LIKE A NEW ONE...AND IT STAYED ON NO PROBLEM FOR HOURS...BUT AFTER THE 4TH DAY IT STARTED WITH THE PROBLEMS I THINK SOME RUST GOT IN IT...COULD THAT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT>>>? I NEED SOME HELP TO RESTORE MY 78 PUCH HELP ME PLZ......MOPED ARMY!!!!

Re: my puch cant stay on!

Leon Swarmer /

Did you put fliters in the fuel line? Anytime you find rust, cleaning it once won't do it. It will stop you again.

Did you clean the vent in the fuel tank cap?

making a gasket is kinda hard for a carb. If you are going to try it you really need to go to the hardware store and get a few sheets of material. You really shouldn't expect any more pressure in the bowl than gravity sucking the fuel in.

Prolly not the spark plug.

Is your choke working?


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