rough idle

Clayton Violand /

My Peugeot 103sp has a rough idle. Whats the deal?????????? i just cleaned the crab- made new gaskets, and checked the spark plug whats the deal?

Re: rough idle

first get a new sparkplug .. when they go bad there's no indication except misfiring, mostly at low RPM... then it gets worse.

Idle air:fuel mix can be upset by lots of things.. float level, vacuum leaks, dirty air filter, etc .. Plug could be fouling from too much oil in the last mix or fuel.. maybe polluted fuel..

Minor things can upset idle since the engine is running very low RPM and is close to stalling anyway.

If this happened all of a sudden for no apparent reason and if nothing at all was changed on the bike, check for loosened nuts and bolts around the engine..

Spray some Starter Fluid around the intake manifold / cylinder /head gaskets. If RPM changes, you got a leak.

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