Plug chop?

i have heard ppl talkin bout plug chops lately and i have no clue wut they are how to do them or wut to look for when u do someone plz let me kno...

Chris CMM

Re: Plug chop?

ur not alone i dont no what they are either

Re: Plug chop?

alright you go full throttle for a quater of a mile them shutt it off right away. And actually unscrew the spark plug out. If it is black and or wet your running rich and if its white your running lean. What you want is a coffee or tan color.

Re: Plug chop?

Look at the top of this page.

Click on "Resources".

Click on "links"

Click on "Fred's Guide".


Re: Plug chop?

Yeah,thats it,but you shut the engine off at full speed,don't slow down and then shut it off.And you need to start with a new plug.This actually works better on a 4-stroke engine,but it can still get you in the ballpark on a 2-stroke.Don't depend on just this alone though.If you've recently changed pipes and/or jetting,pull the plug several times over a period of days or weeks and check it.And too much oil in the mix can make it appear to be running richer than it is.Too rich is better than too lean.Too rich will foul plugs,and eventually plug up the exhaust port and pipe,but too lean will burn a hole in the piston right away.

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