Studder and backfire? JEEZ

HEy guys,...I am having a problem with one of my bikes, this one happens to be a scooter, but of course, I own peds too, 6 to be exact. O.k......When I try to accelerate, it studders as if the fuel filter is clogged or something( it isnt). Also, when i let off of the throttle, the thing backfires sometimes. It is an Avanti viper 150 if that helps anyone. I plan to clean the carb tommorrow(don't have time today...2jobs, and college), any other ideas??? O yeah, I replaced the plug already too. The bike only has 470 miles on it, and yes, I did break it in properly, and performed the routine fluid change,idle adjustment, plug chop, all that jazz.

Thanks guys,

Big Filley

2-wheeled mayhem, that's how I roll.

Re: Studder and backfire? JEEZ

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

I goggled and found it is a 4-stroke. I would set the timing. Keep us posted. Jim.

Re: Studder and backfire? JEEZ

if the motor has points clean them and gap them , and like steamboat said check the timeing. might check the valves and set them to the proper setting. if that bike has a condenser you might want to get a new one . im just just saying what comes to mind for what its worth.

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