looking for peddy cash or MA member in Chicago

I need some help getting my bike started, and figured it would be best if a person in the area could come down and help me out personally. i just got a new/old carb for my peugeot 1980 102sp from this guy named Angelo in Italy, and slapped that on, but it's not ready to start.

i've got spark, and it wants to start up, but something is inhibiting it from going.

let me know if someone in Chicago wants to stop by my place this weekend in Chicago (pilsen specifically) to help out.



Re: looking for peddy cash or MA member in Chicago

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

http://www.mopedarmy.com/members/view/peddycash/ Here is a ist of their members. Click on a name and shoot them an e-mail. Jim.

Re: looking for peddy cash or MA member in Chicago

yeh. i know how it works, but i thought i'd let someone come to me rather than personally bothering someone...dig?


Re: looking for peddy cash or MA member in Chicago


what all have you done to get this thing started?

apparently you have spark, so it seems like you are either lacking compression or fuel flow.

my guess is its a fuel flow problem, since you have been doing something with the carb.

double check and make sure you have a spark, then check everything in the fuel line [tank, petcock, line, carb] to make sure you have fuel flow. top off the tank, even if theres some in there. if you are not getting a nice, steady stream of fuel when the line is off the carb, then maybe your petcock is clogged, or turned off.

also, take the carb apart and clean it. with carb cleaner and copmressed air. even if it looks clean, do it anyway and eliminate one more variable that could be causing your ped not to run.

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