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I have a new Solex,with 100 miles on it.I rode it about 20 miles last night.This morning when I got up to go to work,I noticed that there was oil all over the front wheel,fender,forks,and several large spots on the garage floor.It looks like clean 2-stroke oil,like somebody just poured it all over the front of the bike.The only oil I have used in it is what I put in the gas,and I premixed it in a seperate container.I haven't really had a chance to check it out good yet.Does anybody have any idea what could have caused this?I am not yet familiar with the Solex carburetion system.Thanks.Jerry.

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Leon Swarmer /

Just a guess...why does your solex use for tranny fluid.? how do you check the level? That's where I'd be looking.


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Is the fluid sweet or salty?


Quiz your kids (or cat) regarding recent spills in the garage. I don't know of any stored fluids other than the 2-stroke mix in the tank. Check thr tube that allows excess fuel to drain from the carb back to the gas tank. Maybe that's loose...


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It's 2-stroke oil.The kids are only here on the weekend.The cat stays in the house.I've checked everything,tightened all the bolts and fittings,didn't actually find much oil on the engine.I go out and ride it,bring it back and park it in a clean spot,go back several hours later,and there it is.I guess I'm just going to have to set there for several hours and watch it.Whats strange,is that it's definately 2-stroke oil,does not smell like gas.and there will be several spots in different locations.It only started doing this after I got around 100 miles on it.Thanks for the suggestions.Jerry.

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Sounds like it's just marking its territory.

It's normal for a little oil to drip out of the exhaust on a Solex, notice the huge mudflap and placement of the exhaust tip to keep it from getting on yourself.

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I have heard from Jeff that there have been a couple of fuel pipes with small cracks in them and the cracks are right at the end by the tank fuel filter. If you need a new pipe, just let Jeff or me know and a new one will be sent out right away.

Solex news: The Cyklopres factory in Hungary is finishing the EURO II certification and production of the S 3800 will start again once that's done. Shipments hopefully March 2006.

Solexly, BrianSolex

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