I need wiring help

I have a 1977 puch maxi I took completely apart and now I need some help puting the wiring back together. there's a picture of the mess above.


Re: I need wiring help

a close up


Re: I need wiring help

please someone help me

Re: I need wiring help

I enjoy puzzles, particularly when they have to do with wiring. Here's your service manual The enxt time you pull apart all your wiring, write down which colour wire goes to which terminal.

Page 69 of the manual has your electrical diagram. Please follow all the colours and connect where required. The diagram looks quite simple. You'll need a multimeter.

Just do it.

Re: I need wiring help

Damn if I didn't send you to the wrong manual. Peugeot , Puch Maxi mixup. I need to go for a ride! Check out p118 of your wiring diagram.

Re: I need wiring help

sure pays to draw a picture of things or take a picture before dissasembly

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