Oil dripping out exhaust


I'm just running through my first full tank of gas on my new 50th Anniversary Targa LX. Just the other day as it was sitting on the concrete.... i noticed a oil spot below the end of the exhaust. Sure enough...quite a bit of oil is collecting on the end and then dripping out. Is this normal?...good/bad? Maybe it's because I'm running on the reserve fuel right now? Is the oil injection system just injecting to much fuel? Any help will be appreciated.



Re: Oil dripping out exhaust

A drip or two out of the exhaust can be normal.

All the fuel in the tank is the same.

It is possible that the dealer put some extra oil in the gas to help in the break in.

Double check your oil hoses to make sure none of them are kinked.

For the first 300 miles I would place an extra amount of oil in the fuel to protect the engine while it breaks in. About 2 ounces per gallon would be about right.

Re: Oil dripping out exhaust

I would just get rid of the oil injection system entirely,and run 40:1 premix.

Oil dripping out exhaust

i have a 2001 tomos targa lx,.. also mine used to do the same thing. When i bought the bike from some guy he said ha added a little extra oil in the gas, just in case the oil injector broke or failed, and after driving it for a while, and putting a new tank of gas in it WITHOUT extra iol it stopped.

i would like to ask you a question also... When driving, does your tomos take a lil while to shift to second ?,, mie goes 0-20kms quick then slowe, slow slow to about 30kmh, the it shifts and it takes off fine?? does yours do same thing??

hope i helped you out and hopefully you can help me out to .. thnx.


Re: Oil dripping out exhaust

I'm pretty sure his problem might be gone...since this post was from back in 2005.

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