Peugeot 103 four stroking

My Puegeot 103 is four stroking alot. There is a general loss of power all the time. The acceleration is sub-par (very sub par).especially when I'm going down hills or on flat ground. It just doesn't seem like its pushing very hard. It kind of jumps in and out of 2 stroking and 4 stroking every couple seconds.

Any suggestions?

Re: Peugeot 103 four stroking

Air leak somewhere? thanks Ray

Re: Peugeot 103 four stroking

Start with a brand new spark plug and get real lucky.. symptoms are similar to a plug on it's death bed..

otherwise sounds like inconsistant fuel delivery .. or something is upsetting the air:fuel mixture ratio.. swinging from too rich to too lean while passing through a period of the correct mixture ratio.

check for air intake restriction and/or vacuum leaks around the intake manifold.. any fuel leaks.. float bowl cleanliness.. clean carburetor generaly.. choke and throttle operation and adjustments.. steady fuel flow from gas cap all the way to the engine.. Also check for carbon accumulation blocking the exhaust system.

if you've got some history of the bike it might help .. like if the problem happened suddenly (and when) or gradually.

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