Changing Front Sprocket? Tomos A-35 Sprint 20003

I am trying to remove the front sprocket from my 2003 Tomos Sprint A-35.

I followed the instructions as shown:

It says "loosen the holding tab on the nut, nut is right hand thread."

Does loosen the holding tab mean that we should just flatten it down?

Also it says "Hook the wrench on, and spin the rear tire by hand to loosen nut."

I tried to spin the tire forward while holding a wrench to the sprocket nut. It didn't come loose; I think it became tighter.

I thought that was the way to rotate the tire?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



Re: Changing Front Sprocket? Tomos A-35 Sprint 200

I was turning the rear wheel the wrong way.

I should have spun the rear wheel backwards. (reverse)

"Almost all threaded fasteners tighten when the head or nut is rotated clockwise. That is, as a viewer turns a nut clockwise it moves away from her. Such a fastener is said to have a right-hand thread".

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