Willing to pay for a Detroit area amatuer mechanic

Hi all,

I don't know if this is worth doing...but I bought some off-brand Chinese? scooter on ebay a couple years ago, mainly for my teenaged kids to ride around the neighborhood. In the ultimate lamer admission, there is a flat rear tire on this thing that I have been unable to repair or get repaired for over a year now. It's sitting in the garage unused. I'm wondering if someone who knows something about these would be willing to get this back on the road for pay. I'm not the handiest guy, but the rear wheel looks complicated to take off...there is so little slack in the now deflated tire that I can't get the tube out of it and furthermore, the original friggin Chinese or whatever tube came with a valve stem that comes up through the rim and then turns at a 90 degree angle for inflation. The only replacement tube I've been able to find anywhere has a straight valve stem, which because of the wheel hardware you can't get to so the tire can be inflated. Also, one of my kids took a relatively small tumble on this scooter right before the tire went flat so it needs to be checked out by someone that knows something just to be sure nothing got messed up. I think he was going 5 mph and it shouldn't be anything major. Or...I just dump this thing off on some poor ebay buyer, take my forty bucks and run and go buy something that is more mainstream and can be repaired. So that's my long story...any Detroit area moped people that want a payday or any general advice is welcome.

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