78 honda hobbit

I've tried and tried to put some sort of muffler on my 78 honda hobbit but everytime I do it goes slow. First I tried the stock exhaust and it went 20 mph so I cleaned it out and it did 25mph then I tried a tractor muffler but it still only did 25mph Then I tried a puch muffler and it still did 25mph with a strait pipe it does 35 easy what should I do. All the times I tried other exhaust I made sure they were clean so thats not the problem

Re: 78 honda hobbit

Which model Hobbit do you have? PA50I or PA50II?

It is shown on the nameplate on the steering column.

If it went 35mph I would think that it is a PA50II as the I was designed to only go 20mph.

Honda did a good job designing the various components to be balanced and restrictive such that the bikes in stock form will only go their designed speed.

There is not alot of speed parts for the Hobbit. The only one I know of is the Proma Circuit pipe as offered on 50cc.nl

If it goes 35mph on a straight pipe just run that with a stinger muffler on it.

Re: 78 honda hobbit

Oops! I forgot to mention that you should do your plug chops to ensure that you are not running too lean.

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My bike is in good tune and goes about 30+ with the muffler on.

It also does about 35 with no muffler (open exhaust) .. but acceleration is very bad. Same weird thing happens with a straight pipe where there is no exhaust back-pressure restriction.

The reason seems to be that exhaust can escape the cylinder more easily with no muffler (or a straight pipe).

So, a cleaner mixture gets trapped in the cylinder when the exhaust port closes and there's a bit more power available at top RPM.

But you got a big clue here:

_it went 20 mph so I cleaned it out and it did 25mph_

That should tell you the muffler is NOT completely clean and that exhaust restriction is the reason for the slow speed.. Do you know about the big clean-out bolt on the side of the muffler?

Re: 78 honda hobbit

Shawn Mcdonald /

The exhaust is all clean could it be a carb problem with the exhuast on it sounds like it dosn't get enough gas around 25 mph because it starts to cut out

Re: 78 honda hobbit

Shawn Mcdonald /

Plus my carb is way out of wack and the bike wont idle good does anyone know what there carb screws are set at so I have a baseline on where mine should be

Re: 78 honda hobbit

idle air:fuel mix screw on my bike is set 1/2 (one-half) turn out.

Idle speed screw is 3 turns out ..

but this is my bike .. my carb is in perfect condition and this engine is in great tune.

There's no point in you setting idle if the carb has problems.. setting idle is the very last thing on the list.. it comes after all required maintenance is done and and is the last step in the tuneup.

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