starting problems

Steve Mccui /

I have a 1986 derbie variant moped, it has sat in a damp basement for 6 years. It is not starting and I have two questions

1) I put new points and condensor in and cleaned rust off the pick ups on the coils and the magnets on the inside of the flywheel (not sure its called a flywheel) the flywheel had points gap setting stamped in it so I set it to that .040". I get a spark but when comparing it to a puch bike I have the spark is just not as big. It is a new spark plug as well. I sprayed starting fluid in cyl but that didn't work either. I wish I saw a fatter spark.

I also put a meter with the pos lead in the sprrk plug holder and ground to bike, I turned it over with a speed wrench and read a a value of 30VAC. I did the same on my 1980 puch and got a similar value. ShouldI check other areas with my meter, any thoughts.

2) this bike has a belt between the shaft with the peddles and a shaft going into the trans about 8 inches back. on the peddles shaft is some type of elaborate cluthch thing and on the other shaft a spring loaded adj sheave. what is this, the bike is almost impossible to peddle, is this normal.

Thank you in advance, wish i had manual but bike is odd duck

Re: starting problems

could be clutch is holding back engine from starting... If you have fuel, spark and compression she should fire.....

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