Hot Tomos Stoppage.

The ride: 88 Tomos Bullet (slightly lethargic)

Fuel flow nice. Carb clean. GOod spark.

She starts up good and runs allright considering that she sat in a basement for a good 10 years until last week. I can ride about a mile or two and then a little smoke starts to come off the head and she stops. Won't start again for like ten minutes, then restarts and does the same thing?

I am perplexed.

My HOt Rod Targa runs purrfect.

This ride, however, is a hoopty.

Any ideas....?

Thanks- Herb.

Re: Hot Tomos Stoppage.

sounds like overheating but probably something else.. Is it running out of fuel? A mile or two is just about how far restricted flow along with the small amount of fuel in the float bowl will get you.

Ride till it stalls and immediately try a squirt of Starter Fluid.. if it restarts and comes back to life for a moment, fuel flow did stop for some reason. Maybe the gas cap vent is clogged and a gradual vacuum building up in the tank prevents fuel flow... takes ten minutes for it to vent through some tiny crack..

You could try draining (with the gas-cap on tight) a whole lot of fuel into a container .. should be a continuous, thick steady stream until the tank is empty.. if a vacuum were building you'd notice a decrease in flow. If loosening the cap increases flow, same difference.

Or remove the float bowl (or drain the bowl if it has a drain) when it stalls and see if there's any fuel in the bowl.. but the Starter Fluid test is easier..


As far as overheating, the piston kinda seizes from too much expansion. Increased friction absorbs power, eventually stalling the engine. .. won't restart till it cools a bit. Smoke off the head could be just old collected crap burning away.

Remove the head and see if there's lots of carbon build up .. check the exhaust / muffler for carbon blockage which can cause overheating, poor performance..

So can too-advanced timing.. so can lack of lubrication .. dragging brakes or slipping clutch .. who knows.. a whole lot of possibilities.

Get down and do some investigating.. Read through Freds Guide for ideas about what to check..

My guess is it's just running out of gas.. the bike ran good and was in storage .. hard to imagine something mechanical went wrong in storage.

Re: Hot Tomos Stoppage.

Don Pflueger /

clean the gascap vent and remove the oil injection and premix 40:1.

Re: Hot Tomos Stoppage.

I emptied out the gas tank this morning, just because I didn't make the mix myself and it seems pretty smokey. Coincidentally, I just got a new gas cap in the mail, 'cause I was thinking about the possibility of a gas tank vent issue. I also sprayed a bunch of compressed air in the muffler, but it seems clean.

I did the starter fluid last night after it died and it started right back up and ran for a few minutes.

I'm going to take the carb off tonight and give it a second cleaning and inspect some of the parts. Hopefully with that and a new mix of gas it should be all good.

I'm also wondering if previous owner ran the bike without premixing? I should inpect the head sometime, too. The bike just looks too nice to run so slow...

Thanks for the advice- the HErb.

Re: Hot Tomos Stoppage.

friend had smoking off of the block problem. i replaced his carb and it ran perfectly. He had a spare bike sitting around. I recommend cleaing out gas lines, oil lines, and the carb.

Re: Hot Tomos Stoppage.

Best way to check the exhaust is to take the pipe off. You can also check exhaust port for carbon build-up at the same time.. While you are at it, take the head off and check for carbon build-up there too.

Re: Hot Tomos Stoppage.

If the pipe is plugged up,remove it,stick a plug in the muffler end,and fill it up from the other end with Castrol Super Clean.Let it soak overnight,then pour out the Superclean,and rinse it out good with a hose.Whatever was in there will be gone.Let it dry good,and put it back on.If you're still having problems,its not the pipe.

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