1989 honda elite 50 problem

i bought a 1989 honda elite it hasn't been run in 3 years and it started up and idled fine and drove it when i got it home it didn't have much power.

the more i drove it it got more power then i put a new belt on it and new plug and decarbonized the muffler. and put a fuel injector additive in it. 4 week later it doesn't have much power and has really slow take off and rumbles when you rev it up.

Also it can't go up hills it really bogs down and it died on me 3 times while riding. it has almost 5,000 miles on it and i was thinking of taking it to a dealer.

any help on what is wrong with it would be appreciated



Re: 1989 honda elite 50 problem

Of course, this is a scooter and you might get more help on a scooter site, but... Have you cleaned the tank? Have you cleaned the fuel filter? Have you cleaned the carb?. Have you changed the plug?

Do these things and check a scooter site and you will be good to go.

Re: 1989 honda elite 50 problem

where is the fuel filter located

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