bing **CARB** trouble

So I'm back with more questions about this Puch I have obtained, everything is correct and good on it and it's begging me to make her run. Good compression, good spark, fuel is getting to the carb and everything, but i don't konw if fuel from the carb is getting into the engine. In comes the jet, it's a bing carb, but I never figured out how to get at the jet and take it out, it's just so small. It's a 1977 Puch Newport that hasn't been runnning since 1994, but I hope to get it running, because I know it has to be the jet that I couldn't get off to clean. Please help, THANKS!!

Re: bing **CARB** trouble

I think that once you get the bowl off and turn the carb upside down you should see that the jet has either a slot for a screwdriver and/or a hex. It should screw off. And, I think that it comes apart further...should be additional hex on it...but that you might want to wait for someone else to clarify. Jim

Re: bing **CARB** trouble

the small one which is the 1st one you see is the main jet. what the main jet screws into is called the needle jet they both come out. sometimes they are tight. if you want get a small wire and clean out main jet

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