PA50 sprocket and bearings... huh?

I have my 79 PA50 in the shop right now because I couldn't devote the time required to make it run. I believed all it needed was a massive carb cleaning and mebbe some gas tank scrubbing.

The shop called me this evening saying that it needs a sprocket and some bearings that are discontinued and their supplier has no more. These parts are supposedly required to make the bike go.

When I got the bike a month ago, I gave my gearhead dad a copy of the shop manual so he could have a look and talk me through some things (when I thought I had the time for it). I told him what the shop told me and daddy-o says I'm bein scammed.

As far as he knows, the only sprocket that really matters for anything are the ones that control the chain for the ped part of the moped... and a nice, 2 hour trip peddling up to Des Plaines lets me know that those sprockets are peachy flippin keen.

Do any of you cats know what sprockets the shop could be speaking of? And, honestly, are bearings REALLY that flippin hard to find? The shop is offering to MAKE the parts for me - of course, they'd love me to pay for that! I'm already 400 bucks down on a bike that still doesn't run. Should I just scrap it and resign myself to the bus?

Re: PA50 sprocket and bearings... huh?

the rear freewheel sprocket is actually an assembly that holds the brake assembly on the hub.. you won't find it in some bicycle shop. Inside it are some loose ball bearings.. Honda has some parts, but only a few, afaik. Call them or go by the part dept. and look at the microfilm.

and there's a common NTN 6202 wheel bearing to support the wheel back there..

Ask the repair shop if you can come in and look at exactly what they're talking about "so you can track down some parts" or some excuse .. Then "resign" yourself to fixing it yourself and take the bike back home. Or, if they offered to make something you need and can't make or find yourself, get an estimate.

Ebay is a ok source for rear wheels (or entire bikes).. i saw a PA50 rear wheel a week ago.. winning bid was $3.99.. all-inclusive .. gear box, rear variator unit , tire, etc.. couldn't see the right, brake-side so it may not have had a brake or freewheel.

Re: PA50 sprocket and bearings... huh?

That makes sense... The rear brake is giving me some problems. I thought the cable was loose but this may be the problem.

I'm going down there some time Wednesday... The place is not so far off from the rink where I skate derby... to get the skinny on it.

If, in fact, it is the freewheel sprocket are there any alternatives outside of having them make it (he said "out of brass"... is brass good?)?

Re: PA50 sprocket and bearings... huh?

a NTN 6202 double-sealed bearing is maybe $5 .. very common. If this bearing is toast the brake assembly can wobble around .. whole wheel will probably wobble along with it.

The original freewheel / hub / axel-nut thing is steel. I doubt the original is the problem .. i'm stumped as to how it could have been damaged and it's not the type of thing that you'd turn from brass if it were.. .. maybe something was lost in the translation.

"HERE": is the ebay wheel that got sold.

Re: PA50 sprocket and bearings... huh?

I agree with joew. The shop does not know what they are doing or are being too lazy to search and find the parts.

I suggest that you go get the bike back. You will probably have to pay them for their troubleshooting time.

When you get it back post some questions to us so we can help you out. Get a shop manual so you can see how everything goes together.

Re: PA50 sprocket and bearings... huh?

worse comes to worse, without the freewheel sprocket you will have to push start the ped.

Re: PA50 sprocket and bearings... huh?

The freewheel sprocket pn 41210-148-000 is available in europe at for 10.50 euros plus freight of course.

You can get the ball bearing #6202UU at any bearing house.

Re: PA50 sprocket and bearings... huh?

Thank you very much guys. I will be going down to see what the deal is tomorrow. You've given me lots of great background to figure out what this shop's flippin deal is. If it actually is the freewheel sprocket, I'll get it ordered up.


Re: PA50 sprocket and bearings... huh?

i'm gonna take a guess at what the shop is actually talking about .. There's a set of "sprockets" that slipped my mind.. The chain tensioner assembly.

it's got two, little plastic sprockets, very similar to a 10-speed bicycle derailleur chain tensioner. No bearinga to speak of.. they just turn on their shafts.

The weak sprocket support gets tweaked easily, after which it's almost impossible to get lined up properly. The sprockets can then snap off if you pedal hard or pedal backwards, and you're not gonna be able to pedal-start without it.

I almost tried making one myself since they are so simple, but found a spare. Same thing may have occured to the mechanic in the shop. Replacing one of these plastic sprockets with brass would make sense.

If the shop is refering to this chain tensioner, Ebay has one

Re: PA50 sprocket and bearings... huh?

Isn't the brass part the shop refer to the sprocket holder. it is brass coloured and is the part that screws onto the shaft

Re: PA50 sprocket and bearings... huh?

Patrick Mattison /

hey, you know the bolt that holds the piece tight? (the one in the slidy slot) I stripped the nut or bolt and now it wont stay tight. does anyone have suggestions?

I was thinkng maybe cutting of the old nut and welding a new one on, but that's a lot of work

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