bogin at low throttle?

hey guys,

finally got my mako rebuilt and it it runs sweet, at least from mid throttle on, it starts off terribably slow though for a few seconds, i think it must be the idles. so i know you guys are some pros... whats the best way to tune the carb air, or spring idle, first ?? if any of you got a good method id love to know i been tryin to tune this thing for 2 hours and when ever i change one the other dosent quite seem right. a mechanic near me said it could be anything and hed be happy to fully inspect it, but im sure its just tuning and he just wants to get paid, as the bike hits 50 at full throttle fine and sounds sweet. its just idle to maybe 25% throttle. any thoughts, suggestions or easy ways of tuning would be greatly apreciated


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