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Hi All

New moped owner-Bear with my stupidity.

Im trying to figure this thing out. I dont have a manual. No one around here seems to be able to answer me. So Im coming to you all.

The bike is a Honda PA50 II (marked 1981 on the steering column). It has sat for quite some time but only has 100 or so miles on it and is in pretty good shape. I got it running tonight....ran real choppy--then REAL well (over 30MPH) then real choppy-then died. (over 15 minute period). When it ran well, I thought I had just blown the cob webs out of it. Then it got choppy again (running 10 mph or so and puttin along). Is there an air filter on these? If so-I cant find it. A fuel filter? If so-I cant find it--I want to explore ALL of my options BEFORE having to deal with the carburator. I did replace the spark plug.

There is a small throttle like switch under my throttle handle that says decomp on it. What is that? It seemed to do something when I pushed it.

Please help. Anyone with ANY help I welcome.

Re: PA50: What is

get the 2 PA50 manuals on this page break>

air cleaner element is under the left side belt cover near the pedal shaft.. a little rectangular plastic box held in with a spring wire .. be careful when you slide it out.

decompression valve in the head assists easy starting..

fuel filter is on the bottom of the petcock, a very fine screen.. and there's a screen inside the tank on the petcock.

Read the manuals cover to cover and get familiar with the bike.. And "Search" this forum for all sorts of stuff.. like lowering the engine so you can clean that carb .. rust treatment for the tank.. you need an open gastank-cap-vent.. etc..

It does sound like you've got fuel flow troubles.. pull the fuel line off the carb and check for steady flow into a container .. If flow is good, replace the fuel line and loosen the carb's bowl's drain screw (access through the chain sprocket and a special little hole in the swingarm) and drain some fuel .. If there's no or erratic flow, the carb's bowl is full of junk.

i think it's gonna be unlikely you'll get away without dropping the engine and removing the carb and cleaning it. A little junk floating around the float bowl can cause your symptoms.

Re: PA50: What is

Jason Luther /

rod. now the fun begins. drop that motor!

Re: PA50: What is

over 30MPH? sounds like it's running hot and lean at top speed ..

otherwise the bike's in good shape.. only 100 miles on it.. some people have all the luck. i hope you appreciate what you got there, Rod.

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