**PUCH** carb work

So I cleaned out the gas tank, took the carb out to clean it, and when i'm putting it on and put the throttle back on, i turn it and nothing happens, and if i turn it too hard, the line pops out. I really have no idea what to do to fix it. Please help! Thanks!

Re: **PUCH** carb work

Jason Luther /

okay. the cable end goes through the top of the carb, down through the middle of the spring,all of the way through the larger hole in the slide then you move it over to the smaller hole. make sense? the tension of the spring holds everything together. pay attention to the orientation of the needle clip/washer on the inside of the slide. it needs to lay flat in there. just take your time, stuff breaks easy!

Re: **PUCH** carb work

Thank you, I did find that out, and now have figured out that the slide is stuck, I will try some wd40 and whatnot, but if I cannot get it, I'll be back.

Re: **PUCH** carb work

WOOT...right, i got the slide unstuck, I'm thrilled, thank you!

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