Dirty uni-body tank

My friend owns a puch, that we are restoring, the inside of the tank is filthy, normally i would remove the tanka dn swich around small stones and water inside to sand it down, but this is a uni-body tank...anyone know how to clean these, or any products to use on them?

Re: Dirty uni-body tank

take advantage of the Search function on this page.. there's years of stored archives .. lots of threads about tank cleaning methods, petcock leaks, etc.

Re: Dirty uni-body tank

The was a solution that was sold mainly to english car owners. It was designed to clean the inside of the gas tank, look at someone like moss motors, brittish victoria, or seven industries .. they are all suppliers for the english car market like austin healeys or mg s.

Re: Dirty uni-body tank

steve meyers /

My 2 cents – NON CHEMICAL WAY.

I had a tank that was sitting for 8 years with gas.

1. Removed tank and petcock and cap.

2. Drain tank into a containter (take container to WASTE RECYCLER)

3. Power washed inside of tank

4. Dry tank with air compressor.

5. Seal drainhole with duct tape

6. Fill gastank 1/4 with a mixture of small sharp stones, aquarium gravel, BBs, broken glass, ect..

7. Duct tape over gas cap hole

8. Duct tape a thick towel around the gas tank.


9. Make sure your wife isnt home.

10. Stick tank in the dryer – NO HEAT – for an 50 minutes.

11. You may need to repeat steps 9 and 10 a few times.

12. You can also take it to a commerical laundrymat if you have a larger tank.

My tank was clean and shiny

For those of you that have a tank/frame – I pulled my tank/frame behind a boat for an hour with life jackets attached to it and a long rope. It came out great with no damage and the frame was really clean

electrical rust removal

i like that clothes drier thing .. gonna remember that one.

A few weeks ago i got around to doing a little experiment using electrolysis to remove some rust off a steel part .. it worked as advertized. I'd read about using this method on fuel tanks ..

Essentially you put a piece of iron re-bar into the tank (it must not touch the tank's metal), connect the rebar to the positive lead of a 12volt battery charger, and connect the tank itself to the negative lead.

The gas tank is filled with water with a bit of washing soda (sodium carbonate).

Turn the charger on and wait several hours or until the rust is gone.. The sacrifical anode (rebar) gets all rusty and corrodes away as the tank becomes clean of rust.

One real nice thing is the reaction stops by itself when there's no more rust to transfer.

I can't find the page specific to gas tank de-rusting but HERE and HERE are a couple pages about the basics of the method .. A Google search will turn up more.. Seems perfect for a bike with a built-in tank that's difficult to maneuver.

Re: electrical rust removal

way awesome idea, my 79 sachs is the perfect candidate for the electrolosis thing, I'll try this weekend and post back the results. I have access to large plastic drum barrels also so i may dip the entire frame.

Re: electrical rust removal

it may remove paint as one of those pages suggested .. i have done a bit of electroplating and particular metals have particular reactions, depending on the polarity and composition of the electrolyte..

and some metals don't especially like the process.. you might finish wiht a few destroyed bearings or bushings or who knows what... dipping the whole bike sounds pretty risky.

if i were to do a tank with the re-bar thing, i'd wrap the end of the rebar in some kinda electrical insulator to prevent it touching the tank inside... cloth or plastic or maybe a rubber foot off a chair leg or walking cane ..

be very interestng to hear how it works out.. Please post back if you try it.

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