Leaky Petcock

the petcock on my 1978 fantic moped is leaking. its leaking, not from the fuel line where its connected, but at the switch area, when i turn it on it starts to leak…any suggestions?

p.s. i also need a new float for a delorto sha14 12 carburator.

what are some good parts web sites? besides moped warehouse

Re: Leaky Petcock

Eventually all older petcocks will leak. There is a seal/gasket inside that is not resistant to the current unleaded fuels. These use Xylenes and Toluenes to boost octane whereas older leaded fuel used tetra-ethyl lead. These solvents are much more volatile and aggressive to many polymers.

My 1979 Puch Magnum has a Paioli (Italy) petcock that the seal finally turned to mush. I am trying to find a US distributor - the web page doesn't look like they have a presence in the US.

If anyone knows where these seals can be found (three hole) PLEASE repond.

Re: Leaky Petcock

Re: Leaky Petcock

I had the same petcock leak you described. I bought a new one from www.myronsmopeds.com

It was like 15 or 20 bux. Easy as could be to replace.

Re: Leaky Petcock

Thanks for the link for the replacement petcock. When did you replace it?

If the replacement is original stock it won't hold up to unleaded fuel any better than the one that is replaced. To be resistant to unleaded fuel the internal seal must be made of Viton. That's why I'm trying to find a new seal.

Re: Leaky Petcock

I replaced the petcock about a week ago and all is well. Its a tomos part that fits right on my 78 batavus regency. I dunno what the life expectancy is but if its only 20 bux I'll just buy a new one when nessasary.

For a quick fix on the leaky one I bought some thin gasket paper at the autoparts store and cut it into a tiny circle and poked the three holes in it. It took a few tries to cut out a good one but it kinda worked while I was waiting for the new part to arrive. It didnt let enough gas through to run perfect but it did get me to work and back ok for 5 days. And it was a 3 dollar fix.

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