Petcock is leaking

the petcock on my 1978 fantic moped is leaking. its leaking, not from the fuel line where its connected, but at the switch area, when i turn it on it starts to leak...any suggestions?

p.s. i also need a new float for a delorto sha14 12 carburator.

what are some good parts web sites? besides moped warehouse

Re: Petcock is leaking

I have a Fantic bike, it's a motorcycle style Pepi sport. Mine did this and I took the petcock apart. Just be ready to drain all the fuel when you take it off...

There should be three hex shaped bolt/nuts just above the petcock. Put your wrench to the middle or lower one and twist, it should come right off. Once removed, pull the little metal petcock lever out, remove the plastic cover, and put your wrench to the bolt on the side opposite of the petcock lever and remove (you'll probably need two wrenches, one to hold the petcock body). This piece is spring loaded, so don't lose the parts! Remember the orientation of the parts for reassembly. Look at the small disk next to the spring, the smile channel in it is probably gunked up, clean it with carb cleaner and a small tool or wire. The three holes in the petcock are probably gunked, too. Clean them out in the same fashion. Now slap it back together tight, and you're cool.

Re: Petcock is leaking

Wow! what a coincidence... My 1977 Columbia Commuter started leaking gas from the shutoff petcock too last week. Could it be the rubber seal getting too old? Where do I get one???? I may make a rubber seal out of an old car inner tube. Help! My mileage is going down the drain!


Re: Petcock is leaking

Chances are good that the problem is the rubber seal as jay stated. The problem with trying to make a replacement rubber seal is that it's difficult to source suitable rubber which will not degrade in the presence of fuel... inner tubes will not work. I know from experience. Alternatives such as nylon, delrin and other soft plactics are available and should suit your needs. But test it first by letting a small piece of it soak in a jar of your faviorite fuel to determine whether or not it can cope.

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