86 puch no spark?

Picked up this 86 puch maxi sport 2 hp pretty cheap, cleaned the carb, gas line is clear, new plug, bulbs light up when i crank it but it won't turn over any suggestions

Re: 86 puch no spark?

John Joedicke /

Check the horn.

Re: 86 puch no spark?

can't tell about the horn i don't hear anything what does it mean if the horn doesn't work? previous owner had it sittin in his apartment for 7 years. I also noticed that he used 10W 30 motor oil in the gear box instead of tranny fluid could this be a problem too?

Re: 86 puch no spark?

go get the Puch MAxi manual on THIS PAGE

Just grab all the puch manuals.. gotta be some useful info in all of them.

if the horn or some other accessory, perhaps a tail lamp, is part of the igntion circuit, the ignition won't spark if they have a problem..

lots of manufacturers were forced (or chose) to wire their mopeds this way to pass safety requirements, or whatever..

Re: 86 puch no spark?

I have a manual on the way and an old original 78 maxi manual that Ive been going by. is there any way that it might be the condenser? how often do they go bad (its pretty rusty)? theres some twenty wires that all connect to a flimsy plastic casing, are these all on one cicuit? they don't seem to be connected in any way, they all seem to have wires coming from the flywheel/condenser.

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