Wrong oil, won't turn over, PLEASE HELP

I'm definitely a novice when it come to any kind of engine or engine repair, so I'm relying on the help of anyone kind enough to take the time to understand my problem.

I have a 2004 Vento, model - Triton R4 moped. Most people haven't heard of it, and it wasn't listed in the directory on this site. The company has a website www.vento.com if that's helpful to anyone.

I was riding it to work one day, and the engine would die on me, after walking it a little ways, I would kick start it again, and it would fire up and run, only to die a few seconds later.

I then checked the gas tank and the oil tank. Gas was fine, but the oil had run out. Figuring that the oil was the reason for it shutting down I bought some and filled the tank up. It started up fine and I was on my way, only about a mile down the road, it shut down on me , and has not run since. The engine won't even turn over. I realized that I had put the wrong type of oil in it. Instead of two stroke engine oil, I refilled it with regular motor oil.

I have been told that draining the oil, and running the correct type through the engine will fix the problem, I don't know if that's correct advice, and if it is, I don't know how to do it. I have listed the specs of the moped I have below. Thankyou to anyone who might be able to help!!!!

Model 2004 TRITON R4

Engine 2-Stroke, Air-Cooled Bi2 Type ® MORE POWER, BETTER ACCELERATION

Cylinders 1

Piston Displacement 49 c.c.

Running Diameter 40 x 39.2 mm

Max. Power 4.9 HP / 7000 rpm (Unrestricted) 1.9HP(with restrictor)

Max. Torque 6.8 Lbs.-Ft. @ 6500 rpm

Starting System Electric

Ignition CDI

Fuel Tank Capacity 1.4 Gal.

Transmission Automatic (CVT)

Total Length 74.4 In.

Total Width 27.2 In.

Total Height 50.8 In.

Seat Height 29.1 In.

Dry Weight 207 Lbs.

Suspension Hydraulic (SPORT-TUNED)

Front Brake ABS Disk

Rear Brake Drum

Front Tire 120/70 x 12"

Rear Tire 130/70 x 12"

Rims Lightweight Cast-Aluminum 12" 6-Spoke

Exhaust System SILVERSTONE® High-Performance

Re: Wrong oil, won't turn over, PLEASE HELP

Don Pflueger /

the reason you could not find any info on this site is because the vento is a scooter, even tho your state may title it as a moped, and this is a moped forum.

the reason it died the first time is because it was out of oil. the engine was so lean it over heated and soft siezed. had you put oil in it right then and there, it might have been rideable. but after siezing several times, the top end is now junk. even tho you had put oil in it, the oil never reached the piston, cylinder, or crank bearings before it siezed that last final time.

remove the exhaust pipe and look up thru the port. if you can see the piston side wall, you will see deeply scratched or smeared metal. sprat a bunch of penetrating oil down in the spark plug hole and let it sit overnight. you may free the piston up, but it will never run with that piston in it.

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