Honda PA50 Wheel

I need a front wheel for a Honda PA50I 1980. Will other wheels fit? It was in an accident and is bent, it doesn't shimmy down the road but looks pretty bad. Also mine is the 20mph version, any quick and easy boosts?

Re: Honda PA50 Wheel

The wheel is the same on the PA50I and the PA50II.

Buy one on ebay. I have seen them there.

Re: Honda PA50 Wheel

I was kinda wondering if a non-Honda wheel might fit also....

Re: Honda PA50 Wheel

depends on the wheel .. and on how much skill you have.. how many tools.. how much imagination.. Expecting something foreign (even a non-hobbit Honda wheel) to bolt right up might be too much to ask for.

Find a 17" wheel that fits between the forks and go for it. Hardest, most critical part will probably be to securing the brake onto the brake-lug on the fork. Picking a wheel with the brake on the left side would be a head start.

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