It's Alive!

Well, almost. FINALLY got the Pepi running on Friday. It looked like someone used the petcock as a jello mold, but once I took that apart and cleaned it all out it was all set. That, and I tightened the clutch and gave it fresh gas/mix. So I took it out on Friday night for a half hour victory run (at which point I almost lost the tail light cover when it fell off - I had kept the screws loose to check the lights when I was trying to get it running).

Then yesterday I took it out for a nice long run. Rode it for about an hour. For anyone who knows CT, I started in New Britain, hit Berlin quick by the turnpike, doubled back into Newington, then into Hartford, past the Westfarms Mall, then back into New Britain.

Then finally, less than five minutes away from the garage where I park my bike, it crapped out at a stop sign. Tried to start it again, and it sputtered out and couldn't get it running again. So I walked it about a half hour back to the garage and went home. I assume it's something with the carburator, so I guess that's this weeks project.

Re: It's Alive!

your lucky it crapped out so close

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