New Problem

I got my Fantic running, but only with the carb from my garelli super sport, my float is either sticking, or is really stiff...not really like a float at all...anyone know where i can get a new Delorto SHA14 12 carburator? i also need a new 10mm retainment nut. the tool that fits this nut is a 17mm. (extra fine threading)

New Problem

Maybe you could try to 'thoroughly' clean your Dellorto carb:

Or just order a new float and pivot pin from one of these sites:

<> ;

My personal favorites would be Ike's, Mopedwarehouse, or Zippy.

Re: New Problem

Jason Luther /

yeah a sticky float is no reason to spend $70 on a new one

Re: New Problem

yea i found out that my float was damage, causing it to ordering a new float as we speak

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