2 cycle hesitation

I have a fairly new ped and it start awesome runs great until about 25mph then seems to cut in and out out.It actually feels if the power goes on and off quickly aquickly. You can acclerate through it , but it always hesitates at this speed... please help. No problem at idle or top speed...

Re: 2 cycle hesitation

Please advise make and model of your 'ped.

It is probably just four stroking at that point caused by a restriction in the air filter or a blockage in the exhaust.

Try running it without the air filter to see if that is the cause.

Clean/replace the air cleaner if that is the cause.

Clean exhaust pipe of exhaust port as necessary.

Re: 2 cycle hesitation

the scooter is a rc moto 49cc with oil injection.. I bought 3 . 1 for myself and 2 for my friends.. The other 2 run great after intial breakin... The problem one also smokes alot more on start up but, clears right up when warmed up....

Re: 2 cycle hesitation

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Re: 2 cycle hesitation

well.. that's kinda weird .. but the excess smoke might be a clue..

Try this: Disconnect the oil injection system .. (be careful here .. don't just run the pump dry. The idea is to somehow route the pump's oil line so it pumps oil back into it's own tank.)

And plug the oil injection hole in the intake manifold (to avoid a vacuum leak through that hole).

Premix and run half a gallon of premixed gasoline:oil. Check the owner's manual for proper ratio of gas:oil.

If both the flat spot and the excess smoke disappear, you can probably blame them on the oil injection system. It could be just delivering oil erratically or pushing too much oil... and is either fouling the plug or upsetting the air:fuel mixture at some RPM range.. or the system may just need some normal maintenance.

Re: 2 cycle hesitation

heh.. now i see that in another thread you had the same idea ..

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