Minarelli V-1 problem

I'm looking at buying a moped with a minarelli V1 engine and when you try to start it, the pedals lock up on you. When you just ride it like a bike, the pedals don't lock up on you. So it shouldn't be the transmission. The guy says it's a problem with the piston. And I can get a NOS top end. I just want to make sure that it is the problem before I go to buy this. It's a really nice bike. He said it was running a few weeks ago and it just sort of stopped on him. He had it running for me once after this problem.

Re: Minarelli V-1 problem

When you pull in the clutch lever you are engaging the pedals to the engine. If when you pull in the clutch and everything jams up the problem is probably a stuck piston.

There are probably one of two reasons for a stuck piston:

The engine was run hot and siezed

The engine sat for a number of years and the rings have rusted to the cylinder walls.

You will have to take the head off to see what is going on.

If the rings are rusted you can try soaking them in Kroil or Marvel Mystery Oil. Once you have the head off, try knocking on the piston with a block of wood to see if it will come loose.

Re: Minarelli V-1 problem

I think I'm just going to get a NOS piston kit that comes with the head and everything. Thanks for the help.

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You can't do that until you get the cylinder off.

I guess that you could pull the cylinder/head retaining studs and then split the crankcase but this is not really practical.

You will have to pull the cylinder off first. When you do that you can then decide what to do.

There is always a stock cylinder for sale on ebay or you could bite the bullet and get a speed kit from Frederico at speedkits.8k.com He is in Argentina I think.

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They have the instruction manual here at mopedriders.org on how to take the engine apart. I probably will get the speed kit.

Re: Minarelli V-1 problem

there is also a guy in italy with mineralli kits

Re: Minarelli V-1 problem

Hey, I have this same problem with a 1977 Puch Newport. The piston was stuck on the head and carbon build up was insane, but i cleaned it up and lubed it (mind you the piston will go up and down if i manually turn it, but as I put the head on and give it a pedal to check compression, it stops the pedals dead, but just like steve's problem, you can ride it like a bike no problem, but that's not why I got the thing, lol. So if you had any idead that would be great.

Re: Minarelli V-1 problem

Bob: Got a name and email or website address?

Re: Minarelli V-1 problem

yea, sorry for the delay. his name is angelo massimino. you can reach him at angelo.massimino@tiscali.it

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