Motobecane Repair

I just found an early 80's Motobecane in my local junkyard. It's either a 50V, 50L or a Romp or something along those lines. The motor is pretty complete, it's missing the carb and the exhaust. No chain, no belt. Other than that it looks pretty sound.

Does anyone know where I could find spare parts for this bike? I'm more of a Tomos guy, but the looks of this bike are pretty nice and I'm really gunning to re-build it.

Please help!

Go nuts.


Re: Motobecane Repair

Look at the fork plate for exact model info.

also look next to the word "miles" for a number or letter, and report back to me.

-A 4l32 belt works from an auto parts store

-I have a few extra exhausts

-I may have a carb for you depending on the exact model you have

-I have a used chain as well, but you should probably just get a new one.

you have everything you need to check for spark though. No need to acquire any parts untill you get it sparking

Re: Motobecane Repair

Right, I'll grab it tomorrow if it's still there. Hopefully the points and electrical are all-right. It may need some work. But i'll definately get back to you! Thanks!

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